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Binary Informer Review

Binary Informer Review Sean Walker’s new software Binary Informer looks extremely interesting.  It is an automated binary options trading software that has the advantage of being connected to large bank databases and is privy to a lot of their trading information.

What this does is to enable Binary Informer to detect market trends before most traders get the message. Being out front in predicting trends is an excellent way to make a lot of money trading binary options.

This means that the average trader is no longer a slave to Forex charts and calculations. They do not have to stay glued to their screens watching for trends to develop and tracking candles with Fibonacci or stochastic indicators. You become free to live your life and trade at your leisure.

Even better is that you do not have to be a high roller. This software will allow you to trade with small accounts. You will find yourself getting quick results without any complicated systems. This trading system is fully automate and built for speed. No longer will you miss those trading signals as they will be executed automatically.

Sean is giving his system away for free. You do not have to post any purchase information.  You do have to register and fund an account with the broker who is integrated with the software. The preferred broker is Global Trader 365 and you can start your account with as little as $200.00.

This is the bear minimum that any decent trading platform is going to charge you and if you can’t fund the account how can you expect to make any money trading.  The fact of life in binary options is that you will not make any money unless you really trade and the only way to really trade is to have a funded brokerage account.

So in conclusion, it seems to me this system and software are worth a shot for $200.00. Like any trading system there are no guarantees but in the worse case scenario you may lose your $200.00 but if the system works half as well as Sean Walker claims you will be miles ahead financially.

Let me know how it goes.


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